This is the year to take a trip and hit the road. More procrastinating and “Maybe next year” will never lead to new adventures and the hunt of a lifetime which could happen in any unit and any state. Whether your dreams will take you near or far you should be working to make them happen sooner than later. For people like me on the east coast I’ve dreamed of heading west since I was young when my father would get together with his friends to road trip and hunt deer in Montana each fall. Or his Wyoming trip out of Jackson in the 70s when he was able to take an elk, Shiras moose, and a 4 point mule deer in 10 days. The stories he has from his trips are still entertaining and the stuff my dreams are made of. After not taking little time to hunt through college and graduate school, then marriage and starting a family I decided I had to go west in 2015. I have yet to regret it. It was bare bones with an over the counter tag in southwest Colorado. I backpacked in 3 miles to the wilderness on my own and started to make good on my dreams of filling an archery elk tag. I couldn’t convince anyone to go with me that year and the elk were few that week but I learned a lot about myself and Save backcountry camping that week. Those lessons continue to serve me as I move forward. A trip like that is available to anyone at the drop of a hat with no points and a little planning. Fortunately, I knew western hunting would be in my future and I have been building points in several western states. The application dates and procedures are honestly the biggest hurdles to achieving the hunt of your dreams and I have spent countless hours researching the regulations and hunt opportunities available in all of the western states. Fortunately with services like (I pay them there’s no kickback) getting in the game is easier than ever. If you are able to look at 3 states for each species you are interested in you can guarantee yourself solid A, B, and C options for each species you desire. After a year or two of building points you will have a solid rotation of locations and more than likely more hunting opportunities than you have vacation time.