A die hard shed hunter may find it hard to explain the feeling of walking up on a big match set in a beat down hay field. Its hard to explain what drives a man to walk hundreds of miles a year looking for an old antler not even attached to the beast it came from. Its probably the most misunderstood and overlooked hunting advantage around today.
Shed hunting is a great past time, and for some can be a nice gentle ease out of deer season. One of the major advantages is the woods are wide open. The fields are beat down with the winter weather, and the deer paths almost seem like walking trails. The deer sign is very visible at this time of year. Take note of this, explore and see how the deer use the lay of the land. Find those big scrapes and rubs left over from the fall.
This is the time when walking through those bedding areas is ok. Find out what side of a bedding area the deer favor, this can allow you that extra 20-30 yards of real estate that could make all the difference on a big buck locked down with a hot doe in November. In all the travels and exploring, you are enjoying the thrill of walking up on a beautiful left side of a buck you had on camera all year. Then boom it hits you , the fever.
Some say if you find a match set you have pretty much killed that buck, then again we all love those old sayings. First thing to remember is do not get frustrated, shed hunting is no easy task. You could walk miles and never see one, walk through all those spots you just knew would hold them and “boom” nothing. Then there is times you could walk a green field and find five. It is something that i believe the unknown is a driving factor.
Another advantage to shed hunting is getting to know your land better and better each time you go out. This will only better your skills on stand placement, judgement, and allow you to think on your feet in different situations. This will change year from year depending on food sources in the area pressure etc. But by knowing how the land lays you can make more precise spur of the moment or even thought out scenarios.
Advantages in shed hunting vary from knowledge of the land to physical health. Its something that can bring you enjoyment is knowing what made it through the season, and you never know when you might just stumble upon that Boone and Crockett set off a deer you have never seen! Safe travels and good luck my friends!