For starters, let’s be very clear on one thing, this article is in no way shape or form to imply things that I do are the best, only way, and even the quickest way to necessarily do things. However, it is my way in which I have developed or seem to find works quickest and easiest for me in the run and gun style of hunting whether it be on public or private land for that matter. I have seemed to develop a few things that have really lessened climb times and created better avenues for being able to move quickly and sometimes also not to have vanishing equipment off of some what seem to be very remote hunting areas!
So i am going to do my very best to remain short and sweet and try to break this into 3 main strategies i tend to follow or maybe find are the most important to keep in mind if i were to break it down short. 1.Be as light and compact as possible – I think the name pretty well speaks for itself but I am going to elaborate on this bullet point. When I go into new areas and do not know what types of foliage and land lay other than what a topo shows me I want to be able to move super quickly and not be killing myself with weight or bulkiness. With that being said I rarely move into an area ive never been without bringing a hang on stand with a set of climbing sticks. With this combo I have found that whichever your choice it may be choose the lightest sticks and lightest stand combo you can without sacrificing function. This becomes rather crucial as I personally take 5 sets of sticks in the weight begins to add up quickly even when using the lightest sticks on the market. With an all day sit worth of food clothing and film gear i need to be able to have a limited amount of weight and with a millenium stand and lone wolf stick combo I have found I can accomplish this at its best. These sticks will stack and then ratchet directly to my stand which then fits onto my pack for a great weightless sensation once my pack is balanced to carry in. 2. Practice, Practice, Practice -what do i mean by this. Well, exactly what it states, i go into the woods and i have developed a way in which once I leave the ground ive got

my stand, my sticks and my gear on pull up ropes and go up in one shot. I have gone into the woods in order to just practice up and down and up and down over and over in order to get good enough I can do it in well under 10 minutes including setup. This allows me to quietly and very quickly to move onto that lower bench or into that saddle that your just to far away from but the deer seem to use. I can not express enough that if you enter into new ground and do not really know the movement patterns, you better be prepared to move and move quickly. Unless you have the ability to hunt for days on end, that 1.5 day sit can become rather useless if your 100 yards from where you should be and never make a move. 3.Stay in shape- One thing I have always taken pride in is to remain in shape and get into better shape once the season nears or even mid season. I once had a close friend refer to the p90X workout program and said I am on the p90hunting program due to the weight i lose during my archery season. I pack in and pack out on a daily basis in order to ensure I do not lose any equipment(which has happened) and if a gameplan switches due to wind or weather my stuff is not a mile into the woods. If you are looking to do run and gun style methods with all day sits and making sure you can get up and down weather it’s 90 degrees or 15 degrees and not kill yourself you have got to remain and be in shape. This consists of some weight training, cardio work, as well as diet which is probably the biggest factor. Find your own workout regimen or ask us for some help and Id be glad to help. But going a few miles into the woods, sucking wind, soaked in sweat, is very demotivating to want to make a mid day move because of the physical exertion it takes. When this is a simple task it is a simple answer.

I hope some of these tips help you moving forward if your looking to run around like a crazy person and chase your dream animal. Always remember, if your DIY hunting always be original!