[HOW TO] use onX maps basics:101


This video is a how to use onx maps for hunting mini tutorial. It follows along as we show how we get to where we do to discover good areas for elk hunting, setting up

[HOW TO] use onX maps basics:1012020-04-30T11:31:15+00:00

Archery Shooting/Practice Tips


This video follows the DIY Hunter team Preston, Jack, and Cameran as they each share 1 common tip they enjoy doing for archery practice to stay refined all summer long! Archery can be a very

Archery Shooting/Practice Tips2020-04-30T11:31:25+00:00

Turkey Hunting: Ohio and PA close calls


This video follows the DIY team around turkey hunting and showing some close calls, some mishaps with other hunters and with nature, and how smart these turkey can be sometimes. They are very aware of

Turkey Hunting: Ohio and PA close calls2020-04-30T11:31:35+00:00

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