Hello everyone and welcome back to another season of Highlander! If new weapons are released in midst of a competition season, they will typically become restricted from play unless given approval by the league's administrators and team leaders. UGC Admin TF2_Moose VAC Banned posted in TF2 General Discussion #61. Oct-05-2020 14:22:25. This page was last modified on 13 April 2017, at 20:42. Join thousands of players today! I agree with both bans as jarate and milk can completely change a situation if a team knows how to use it properly.
The local date and time is

Class Slot Weapon 6v6 Global ETF2L Highlander Season 15 UGC Highlander Season 25 …

Sexual Harassment, Solicitation of actions of non legal stature, Lifetime Ban - Lewd image posting, Admin Harassment, Lifetime Ban - Lewd image posting, Admin Harassment, Match Tampering on Main and Alias Accounts, NoName [U:1:473167263], S GI [U:1:296246085], NoName [U:1:473167263], Weeaboo [U:1:491409949], Ranma [U:1:1010126009], Crankle [U:1:191467229], xDarkShadow the ShinyWolf [U:1:1062913341], jyp [U:1:248116797], blue kaveri [U:1:141882463], Scouty [U:1:393313883], Animal Supervision [U:1:425162400], Scouty [U:1:393313883], Tribes [U:1:368033214], VEXFRESH [U:1:363869631], yute [U:1:708505], Akemi [U:1:94535112], DATR0LLZ780 [U:1:52148711], malheureux [U:1:80398632], Marachan [U:1:187868477], malheureux [U:1:80398632], Shine [U:1:896092286], flawvv [U:1:214802567], JonathanBarrington1918 [U:1:909111522], JonathanBarrington1918 [U:1:72307], aaF vytal [U:1:375370328], nada [U:1:160704753], Vrx [U:1:11929423], aaF vytal [U:1:375370328], nada [U:1:165677911], Vrx [U:1:11929423], aaF vytal [U:1:375370328], nada [U:1:160704753], nada [U:1:165677911], speedy [U:1:14228231], Izaak4k [U:1:389733964], speedy [U:1:14228231], DC Jack Cyclonic [U:1:289269182], flawvv [U:1:214802567], JonathanBarrington1918 [U:1:214802567], continuation of the dream [U:1:315890297], Discounted old FBI [U:1:394471309], scoutmain123 [U:1:494318199], Discounted old FBI [U:1:394471309], sombra luckys gf [U:1:861908521], Trail [U:1:816841348], boop [U:1:434303615], Trail [U:1:816841348], Horsie [U:1:372799115], johnny_mustard1997 [U:1:282416376], DieFie [U:1:435164958], johnny_mustard1997 [U:1:282416376], chicosdoritos [U:1:326025290], Slender Mender [U:1:105897431], Mr Mender [U:1:348094756], Slender Mender [U:1:105897431],coolyumps - [U:1:208534391], lalo14 [U:1:174757838], sujn [U:1:206451410], lalo14 [U:1:174757838], heugo [U:1:1041890580], IMP [U:1:150201329] , Silence [U:1:1049175406], ok [U:1:913152970] , Silence [U:1:1049175406], Alias - Ban Evasion, Outside of match cheating, Red, Grzesiek, Numnuttlesbee, Wyatt Smith.

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