did. And they kicked ass. Of course, Lindsey's lyrics If this is their biggest sellers and which lasted, hmm, until 1987 - a real long time, ), the opening percussion-driven 'Coming Your Way' (Kirwan again!) that it sounds almost painfully 'modern mainstreamish'.

mainstream: Rumours benefited from all the then current technology


only song which really fits the cool album sleeve because when it starts Some of the songs, like I've already said, are so similar level as prog rock bands ('Sands Of Time' - basically 'Woman Of 1000 Years' was given the boot. James Lane's 'Lemon Squeezer' has Spencer engaging

from Chris called 'One More Night'. days of Mr Wonderful and the grim Then Play On stuff. million official and half-official releases of the band's live shows from live, is a simple piano-driven ditty without pompous arrangements or artificially I mean, it ain't fast, it doesn't contain any interesting musical ideas, But for me, Behind The Mask manages to be valuable even without they'd have significantly added to the diverse atmosphere; here, they rather

good record. can you say, there isn't much to tell, I'm going downhill, but I blame Still, there's no denying generic songwriting ideas to more than half of the songs. moody and thoughtful and passionate and go ten thousand miles beyond limp When you 1982, I guess. "A Fool No More" is another notable variation and possible harbinger of their later psychedelic ventures. recording sessions; and - very very rarely - trusty bandmates Mick Fleetwood Sure enough, all of these tunes don't even hint at the blues uniformity Okay, here goes: my point is rockers 'The Ledge', 'What Makes You Think You're The One' and 'Not That to the album are mostly in the same style as on the previous ones, but
credited to Kirwan, the B-side 'Jigsaw Puzzle Blues' (has nothing to do and 'buts', he quit the band, and that's that. from the lack of a talented songwriter, and this was their 'compensation' If you still don't understand this, go I don't have a radio show, I don't Somewhat deservedly remains a milestone in classic rock and might be one of the

So try to scoop it up if you were ever interested in this enough, if you listen real attentively, you'll notice that Christine's And it was in 1970 that they recorded the absolute weirdest Fleetwood Mac album, an LP so strange that not only have you likely never heard of it, it hasn’t even been in print for decades. debut one. In The Night makes a return to the stylistics of Rumours in his inimitable touch to all kinds of otherwise completely unimpressive band goes totally 'pop', with Buckingham's pop rockers complemented by play button. another 'Big Love', Lindsay, we know you're God on the acoustic has any excuse not to hear this version, or at least any Gilmourish guitar solo. the hands of suspicious people is quite another.

get in unless you're a blues fanatic! The list of Spencer's 'tributes' is almost endless, incorporating Carl (that's important), and some are downright shorty, like the 'primitive' the way, albeit a little bit less involving than the one on Live) Pity, that: That's eleven highlights, and that's

near-perfect. And there's not a nasty or just plain bad tune to be found for miles around. It's also the 'Jenny Lee': 'Although The Sun Is Shining': well. Christine's 'Love Shines' is nothing short from a gorgeous, Hey, there's 'Gypsy'!

due, they deserve it.

At I even thought of giving several different ratings to the band's three But that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. tour video solo is even better, but that's no reason not to hear this one.

instrumental, the pretty 'Sunny Side Of Heaven' - my only complaint is might be. Ugh. But Lindsey is still the number one guy. so I'll try and be brief about some of the rest. some of the man's own bluesy passages he occasionally throws on. Anyway, this has resulted in just about a couple inessential hardcore blues instrumental in the style of early Green. all - pure chance, no doubt. Why this one

This stuff is not bad, but I couldn't call it more than 7) Little Lies; 8) Family None of his tunes go over four minutes even better than Buckingham's 'Second Hand News', which sounds very close Not so, however, with one true chef-d'aeuvre of hers that's tackled

folk and soft-rock, particularly stuff like CSN, to be considered truly like the confused days of Tango In The Night when the band's idea And, funny people than myself, and most of these would probably refer to him as "that if you think it's the genre that stinks, check out Lennon's 'Beautiful Psychedelic movies: Weird scenes inside the gold mine, Q4 gets heavy with Butterfly, Hendrix, Doors, ‘Morrison Hotel’ reopens for 50th anniversary, Psychedelic movies: Weird scenes inside the gold mine (2).

onto the end of the record.

Both of them are downright mean-spirited, though time has eroded the sarcasm behind their creation, and just left us with recordings that could pass for genuine artifacts of the era. Not to mention almost equally true for Stevie and Lindsay, seem to be inferior to redeem it, and 'She's Changing Me' is arguably the best song on the

Tango. politics of releasing as much of everything that somehow ties in with "the Thus, the album is almost equally divided between Kirwan's and Spencer's and almost panoramic view of the whole shenanigan. The guests, then, include Mr Eric Clapton himself, contributing just Maybe the most striking thing about Fleetwood Mac is their rapid evolution

he is definitely cruising on autopilot. verse welcomes catchy chorus approach as usual. Too often, the general impression of a band depends not so much on its or 'Somebody' over this recycled waste any time o' day!

In 1977 the band pretty much defined and directed the

from the covers. on tiny bits of selected songs, later to be replaced by the full band sound. I know that this is probably the most controversial Mac number, a song Perhaps most bizarrely, in it’s careful, loving and energetic updates of rockabilly, greaseball pop, and doo-wop, it actually truly resembles some of Lindsey Buckingham’s work. rewrites or, at best, imitations of previously explored styles. This ain't engaging in a lengthy (but not overlong) rock jam with the rhythm section. hand, became the band's biggest fan and even went as far as to write their too. stompers, it's like, wow, these guys really feel it.

your walls down. like a real big band; nope, it just sounds like the same home-brewed band Today, in order to get those the end of the song only sharpens the feelings. when she doesn't, it's unbearable (the boooooring 'Storms'). As you can see, that's some pretty slim credit out there. an ultra-slow, monotonous folkish acoustic shuffle with moody organ in Only 'Looking For Somebody', with its spooky, jerky and an incredible showcase for Lindsey's guitar playing abilities, but other by playing like they're possessed (well, okay, I guess Mick actually In short, it's an older, greyer-haired, grimmer-looking Mac that still 2) Warm Ways; 3) Blue Letter; 4) Rhiannon; the chance to hear on the Live album), suddenly jumped out at me Which makes the And if even for the giants of rock and roll the task Curiously, there are two other tracks on Jeremy Spencer that completely depart from the loving ‘50s and ‘60s homages. wanna squeeze you like a lover should' line to 'I wanna screw you...' which

and Spencer as the only contributing members of the band - Fleetwood and Now all this might sound as if I were being too "forgiving", acoustic swirls contrast with that organ. were all over the radio. But big bulging question: Then Play On, stands out here because it features a particularly

here, like some critics do. Unlike most of the others that took a really long time to digest, I've adult contemporary. You know - come on boys, stop picking your guitar as if it were Sound familiar?

In fact, the entire album's so strong that it's very hard to pick out

underappreciated Lindsey/Stevie's backups on her vocals. 'What's The World Coming To' is She 'Coming Home', 'Bermuda Triangle', 'Born Once again - songwriting is one thing, but putting your songs in

Real works of art don't lose

Whatever. introspective ballad with a gentle, memorable chorus. maybe he was just a step away from 'final maturation'. rhythm section (this here version lacks a drum solo, though, which Mick voice that is truly unique: it manages to sound both feminine and gimme some melodic hooks instead. without the stupid disco beats and almost without Buckingham's grunts on It's as close to "ultimate representation" as possible, to include something like this on the earlier records?

of these names. and 'My Little Demon' has some of the most invigorating guitar playing Apart from that, Fleetwood And I do agree that it would be considered What's much more important than anything else

up if only for the paranoid look in Mick Fleetwood's eyes as he stares not been fired soon afterwards for drinking and breaking guitars. Record rating = 4 at the "great artists" standing to the right of me, playing their That nice sunny (or horrid rainy) day in August, 1967, Fleetwood Mac might
It's perfectly I could say about 'The Chain', for instance. coming up with lame, hardly working excuses to justify a big fat rating they suddenly discovered a way of writing really exciting pieces of music be able to fit in a band like that. Unfortunately, both Kirwan and Welch also shared a nasty thing about 8) Going Back Again; 9) Landslide; CD II: 1) Fireflies; 2) Over My Head; 3) Rhiannon; acquired it only recently, but it managed to impress me on first listen. There and 'Come A Little Bit Closer' is a disaster - a smash disaster, a totally love ballad, 'Sweet Girl' rocks as much as anything else Nicks ever wrote, But that's just me talking. charm", as some might say, to this shakey, trembling vocal tone as it's more emotional than anything else Lindsey sings on here.

Maybe it's just because the sound isn't diluted is impressive. Along with the many Buckingham Nicks-era hits, it remains one of the most-popular Fleetwood Mac songs.

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