Nice to see that, hope Demon Hunter nerfs can help u make higher rang. level 1. Similarly, Vendetta’s free removal requires more setup than you’d think and in many cases it isn’t even necessary as you will either be ahead on the board already or with enough resource generation options available to make up for its effect. We’ve featured the list from the latest Vicious Syndicate Meta Report because of our successes with it in high level play. His content has previously appeared on HearthstonePlayers and Tempo/Storm's site.

Honestly love the inclusion of the secret package, has got me out of a few tight spots with just some crazy interactions and confusing my opponent. I saw a lot of deckbuilders cut Dragon's Hoard , this is a huge mistake! Thank you man ! This deck is so fun to play and i am experiencing a different game every time due to the randomness of the secrets and the rest of the cards. Keep an eye on the clock: your chances of winning will dwindle past turn ten, but it’s not impossible to get there. U don't need Sap in this deck, u have Blackjack Stunner. Just got added by that kid when I was testing the deck in casual with "omg with golden hero you're playing a highlander in casual" and a few insults after Hexing his 2/6 with the spell that re-summons it again. You don’t need many attacks from a turn 4 8/8 to win the game. This, however, doesn’t always come to pass, and if you don’t have the right hand to create a massive minion early on, you’ll have to figure out how to space out your threats in a way to avoid running out of resources while still maintaining enough pressure to close out the game. Rogue has been one of the more popular classes over the years. Didn’t feel like there were any weak matchups, all 4 packages somehow managed to provide good value in most games. Does this mean the new set will bring us more rogue secrets? I feel like there's a ton of design space for them. I don't think secret package are strong, it's just a new cards, also it's fun.

I will give it a try. Cult Neophyte is also a viable option but always keep in mind that you preferred method of disrupting late game spell plays is to kill your opponents before they can make it that far. Keep going! With Kobolds and Catacombs rotating out, we will be losing rogue secrets in standard (still playable in wild).

The only problem for this deck is Demon Hunter... for me at least.

Plagiarize is best used when you already have a tempo lead and you want to deny (or at least match) your opponent’s comeback turn. It also makes a turn two Secret play a much more tolerable proposition for you. Take a look at this victory against a Turtle Mage player which went to distance and note how long it took to develop the first meaningful threat on the board. Went all the way from the bottom to legend with this deck and wanted to say thanks! Hench-Clan Burglar  is underrated, it's can bring a very nice cards. This, coupled with the flexible resource generation options made available to the class, makes Secret Rogue a versatile contender in the current meta, albeit one which can be fairly challenging to pilot effectively. Well done! They really should have given rogue more good secrets. Without any secrets in the classic set, rogue should just be steered elsewhere. Love this deck. Secret Rogue is the latest iteration of the long-running Rogue archetype which aims to cheat out a ludicrous amount of stats in a single turn with Questing Adventurer or Edwin VanCleef, using zero-cost cards and cost reduction tools to set up these incredible tempo swings. It was impossible to come back from.

Check out this sample game, which though features a few suspect plays on the opponent’s part and a greedy mulligan, should serve as a good example of how to stall out a Face Hunter opponent long enough to find a way back from the wilderness. Hearthstone Bamboozle is the latest Rogue Secret joining Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion, Ashes of Outland Secret Rogue is looking slick in Ashes of Outland.

I don’t think my opponent was happy. P.S. Introduction Secret Rogue is the latest iteration of the long-running Rogue archetype which aims to cheat out a ludicrous amount of [...] Hearthstone Top Decks I’ve been highrolled by enough druids that I don’t feel too bad about it, though. It costs (1) more this turn. Hey guys,I just tried this deck and made a showcase of it right here! However, the archetype would pop up early in each expansion. EVIL Miscreant is a key part of this puzzle: not only is the 1/4 statline supremely annoying to deal with, all but one of the Lackeys are extremely efficient tempo plays. Your dream scenario is to deliver an early knockout blow with by going tall, a massive Questing Adventurer or an Edwin VanCleef set up before the massive board clears come online. I hope you can enjoy the showcase and have a nice expansion everyone :). I saw a lot of deckbuilders cut Dragon's Hoard, this is a huge mistake!This card is awesome. tecnicaly in highlander we hardly get 4 upgrades, generaly we always play at 2, Yeah I’ve recently just accepted the fact that I won’t get the 4, and by doing that I’ve just realised that with the card quality 7 mana draw 2 zero costs is already mental. Secrets get worse the less you have because the guessing and testing game gets so much simpler. It all started out with a little thing called Miracle Rogue, which is one of the signature decks in the history of Hearthstone. In all thought it is the funnest deck ive played in a long time and have been climbing quite quick too. It doesn’t help you execute a tempo-oriented game plan as effectively as the proposed replacements can. Rogue secrets were cool as a concept but a bit weak. Been playing it since D5, all the meta decks, the only negative score I have is vs hunter, they are just too fast in bringing you down, especially if you mess anything up, or draw removal too slowly. It's fun to annoy A Quest Priest. It's good vs DH cause of its ability to spread, mitigating the female demon.. and filking her is just the best. We've got all the decklists and the latest guides. 44-19 so far - from zero to hero (diamond league 6). Hearthstone's Best Arena Hero Class Tier List. By contrast, Intrepid Initiate offers vital early-game tempo against decks like Druid or Warrior, plus added consistency for your EVIL Miscreant activations. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site.

Well done!

Second thing, a lot of builders try to bring stealth mehanic in this deck, it's probably real if u cut secret mehanic , both of them are not work well. This Rogue guide includes Mulligan Strategy, Gameplay Tips, Card Substitutions, and Combos/Synergies! But I, for one, would love to see them! It looks awesome. I had very sweet game against demon hunter and I managed to chain a lot of secrets with Shadowjeweler Hanar. It seems like with no new iterations this past year, we shouldn't be holding our breath for new Rogue secrets. Was stuck in platine 3, back to 5 with some testing of a taunt warrior, and finaly i'm now diamond with 7 wins in a row !

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