the venue i was getting married at was severely understaffed the day of my wedding and nella (the crystal plaza maitre'd) never even told us, she just had more staff from crystal plaza sent over. I'd have to wake up at 5 or 6 am I think to be ready for pictures by 9:30 am. They charge a flat fee of $10000 but the food is exquisite and the service is impeccable. He started his "pitch" with, "We don't nickle and dime people here" and then proceeded to nickle and dime us. promote your business So Please Suggest me or help me out about what. They told me in advance about the wedding and we worked around it. Since booking I have not really done much with them but it was the only place I was comfortable with when we went to visit the venue other than stone house at sterling ridge (which did not have any dates available that I wanted). AnalogDigitalCafe is I would assume the dance floor is big enough that they could create the partition.B'nai Tikvah - we had a rehearsal beforehand but not a real one. I am getting married at Crystal Plaza on 10/3/10. Have your wedding at the magnificent turn-of-the-century Crystal Plaza mansion. We called on a very short notice request and they made it happen with no stress to myself and my wife. Perhaps, this is because a reception was taking place at the time, but my parents didn't have the greatest impression. 1:20 means that there's only 1 waiter covers 2 tables. There is a room for an indoor ceremony if the weather does not cooperate. What transportation and access is available. I just called Knoll Country Club and am waiting for a call back. The Vanderbilt said that if nobody books a morning event 75 days before the time of the wedding that they would allow us to move our event up to 4:30 pm and have a 1.5 hour cocktail reception ending the party at 10 pm.Berkeley Ocean Front Hotel:Pros: We would pick the caterer out of five caterers who provide glatt kosher food.

Have your wedding at the magnificent turn-of-the-century Crystal Plaza mansion. We would have more of an ability to customize this event. Like I said not sure about pricing for kosher or if they do it but it definitely fits all of your other wants (we also had people from Cherry Hill and Brooklyn). I really liked the layout of the venue. We want to take pictures before the ceremony so that we are not taking pictures when we could be spending time with our guests. B'nai Tikvah in North Brunswick, New JerseyVanderbilt at South Beach, Staten Island.

I really loved the cocktail room. One venue has a reception room without windows, but an amazing menu. I looked there as well. Have you called Knoll Country Club? Extraordinary service! Get Our Wedding Planner App On Your Mobile Device, to So, he still loves it there. No taste testing.B'nai Tikvah:Pros: We could start the party at anytime of the day that we would like. Do you have a site fee for wedding ceremonies at your venue? Brad, she said about $100pp for a Sunday daytime wedding on Father's Day. They even called after to ensure that our stay at the hotel after the ceremony was to our satisfaction. LarissaAnn, yes, my parents only get a 2 second peek at the ballroom through a crack in the door. If I can help you in any way or answer other questions let me know. We speak the truth about our work and put What is the starting price per person for bar service? We have agreed that it is fine with us to see each other beforehand. Crystal Plaza -- Pros: Most food and heard great things about the food, excellent menu, complete package with ice sculptures, etc., most service, possibility of indoor or outdoor ceremony, only affair at venue, beautiful garden area, reception room is beautiful with big windows, reception is in a good location for OOT guests, Cons: time of party is 11:30 am to 5 pm on Father's Day. and the food was amazing. Service, like SEO, PPC, and all SEO Services to Didn't care for the sales person we met with and they don't let you do a tasting before booking. No hiding under the stairs. © 2020 Manhattan Group LLC / Manhattan Bride | 275 W 96th Street, Suite 5F, New York, NY 10025 | 212.265.7970 |, NY Upsate, Hudson Valley, & Westchester Weddings, What Worked For My Wedding: Brides Tell All, NY Upstate, Hudson Valley, and Westchester. The Janoff family, owners and operators of the Crystal Plaza for four generations, have upheld the spirit of the period's architecture in restoring the … Oh my god, we had the exact same experience, only I think it was a bar mitzvah, not a wedding!

As soon as we walked in I was basically face to face with the bride as she was waiting to be announced into her reception. We were quoted a price of $100 per person for glatt kosher food for a Sunday morning party. She was very helpful and her team and herself really helped bring the event together. Pretty place...I didn't care for the salesperson I got, as a PP mentioned. the staff of crystal plaza took such amazing care of us, and really just made sure every i was dotted and every t was crossed. On top of that his attitude the rest of the meeting sucked." GL. head count 125 people.

Cons:  Mandatory valet parking. The venue only supplies the space, tables and chairs, and kitchen access for our caterer. If you’re dreaming of an exceptional wedding at a luxurious venue, schedule a visit to the Crystal Plaza. Addison Park: It's gorgeous! The salesman was also a little .... off? I was blown away by how the venue looked when we visited. Thanks from Mr. & Mrs. Jones. She was amazing to work with. He has been running weddings for over 50 years and seems to know exactly what he is doing. The maitre'd seems to really care about making us a nice party. They strongly suggest that there is a rehearsal of the ceremony which my fiance doesn't think is appropriate (it is a Jewish tradition to not rehearse the ceremony, but I'd actually feel more comfortable with a rehearsal). Minimum requirement of 300 guests for Saturday and other days are a minimum requirement of 150 guests. a one-stop stage for all web related issue like creating, advancement and so The place is located exactly halfway between where my family and friends live and where FI's family and friends live. Do you have a site fee for wedding receptions at your venue? I believe that we have exhausted all other venues that meet our criteria. So, this kind of changed how I felt about the place a bit. industry. It has probably the prettiest reception room I've seen in a temple. AnalogDigitalCafe is a help for all who need to build their deals and Definitely different pricing for Sunday morning vs. Sunday day. Was the one you hated a really tall, lanky guy too? It may be harder to plan this type of wedding because I'll be living in Boston for this year and will need to do most stuff over the phone.If you have any suggestions for how to make sense of all of this, I would greatly appreciate it! There is only one caterer who seems to be in our price range whose menu we actually like. My thoughts:Crystal Plaza - You don't seem to be glowing as much about this one as the others. Contact: Wedding Consultant 973.992.8100 Map The Crystal Plaza 305 West Northfield Road Livingston, NJ 07039 Awards Details Caketime, did you have a Jewish wedding? Searching for a unique wedding venue at a romantic and meaningful location is the first step to planning some of the most important elements of the adventure you are about to embark upon. Berkeley Ocean Front - you could hire a wedding planner to help you do things, not just a doc. Very prety venue. This venue’s ballroom offers a modern city setting for the big day with classic touches such as geometric wallpaper and chandeliers with shades. I had an interfaith one (I'm Jewish, DH Catholic). There is only one event per day. He also trains service staff around the world and says that 1 waiter/20 guests will work well. One wedding at a time, great location for a wedding with a country feel. I don't remember the guy's name that we met with but there was also a reception going on when we met with him.

I was able to see the ballroom from the main floor and from the balcony. That's a tough one. Housed within our Crystal Plaza venue, each of our catering services has its own dedicated kitchen and menu. The ratio of waiters at Vanderbilt seems off to me. Holly Hedge Estate (located just over the NJ border in PA) Sat. Great Events Team! Vanderbilt at South Beach: Pros: The most stunning venue right on the beach. night April $125 a head, min. The party would either be from 11:30 am to 5 pm (which I don't like because the beach is open to the public during this time and people could walk right behind the chupah if they wanted to even though the Vanderbilt said that they would try their best to make sure that this doesn't happen) or from 5 pm to 10:30 pm, 5:30 pm to 11 pm, or 6 pm to 11:30 pm (which is hard for out of town guests to get home in order to go to work the next day). FutureMrsF111, what did you think of Stone House? Oh wow there's a huge price difference between sat. We speak the truth about our work and trust in quality service. It always runs later than they say they will and I wouldn't want the place to still be under construction for my wedding. Yeah, we had just come from the Manor, where the guy was so wonderful that we chatted too long and made him late for his next appointment! Which of the following are included in the starting price for bar service? That would be good to have the separate dance floor if his side is very orthodox but I think any venue would be able to do this.South Beach -  bad time for evening on a Sunday. you need. creating, advancement and so forth. My fiance wasn't there for this trip. We also like the fact that we can have the ceremony indoors or outside and that we'd be the only affair going on at the time. When I went with my fiance, the sales guy was very nice to us. The food was delicious. There was a ton of food and special drinks included. If so, where did you get married? AnalogDigitalCafe is a So, we're torn at this point because each of our final three venues for consideration have their pros and cons. day. DH dubbed him "Lurch." We would need to rent a dance floor to accomodate the size of our party because their dance floor is very small. I honestly don't remember Lurch's name - he was just Lurch after that.

I wish he had told us that there was a wedding going on cause we def. My fiance and I think that they are giving you a lot for your money and that the grounds are beautiful. The venue is equidistant for both sides.

You should check out my place. The fiance's parents are Orthodox though and would most likely refuse to participate in the rehearsal. It has two big dance floors. The Janoff family, owners and operators of the Crystal Plaza for four generations, have upheld the spirit of the period's architecture in restoring the mansion’s original grace and splendor. "As soon as we walked in I was basically face to face with the bride as she was waiting to be announced into her reception. Be prepared to fall in love! There is the option to also do the ceremony on the beach, but we would have to orchestrate this rather than the venue. The place is farther away from many of my guests than the other venues. stock in quality service.This is a one-stop stage for all web related issue like I wish he had told us that there was a wedding going on cause we def. We ended up at the Manor. Then, when I brought my parents back to see the place, the sales guy was very quick with us. shelter for all who need to expand their deals and advanced nearness in their FI and I both though Crystal Plaza was a lot nicer.

I think if you go past 8:30/9 a lot of people are going to be leaving very early, especially if you have a lot of OOT people who are not staying over. We would bring in a caterer. Also, the feeling of having a wedding in a wedding factory. Some of our guests will want to do separate dancing. I have photographed many weddings at the Crystal Plaza in Livingston, New Jersey, over the past decade. So, we found that to be quite reasonable.

This way planning from Boston would not be as hard. The location again really works well for both sides. Big windows. forth. The ceremony could be right on the beach. It was more you stand here you stand there, maybe that's what they mean. The only problem is that she would provide less food than at the Vanderbilt or Crystal Plaza.

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