Australian slang words are ridiculously fun. END UP--To stand up. DERRY--To have a grudge. Word now obsolete. BOUNCE--Assertive BLOCK--Head. PUG.--Abbreviation for pugilist. PIKE--Australian name for species of salt-water fish. HOT 'UN--Something unusual; an unlikely story. CRIB--To steal; a home. SHOOK--Stolen. O.K.--In order. CHATTED HIM--To ask. CLOBBER--Suit of clothes. OUT, ALL--Exhausted; determined. SKY THE WIPE--Surrender; to cry enough. DEAL IT OUT--Administer punishment.

SETTLER--One who takes up land. NATIVE CAT--Distinguishable from the domestic animal by its head, FURPHY--Wild rumour. KANAKA--Labourer from South Sea Islands. AUSSIE--Contraction of Australia Another word for bumper: exceptional, excellent, exo, massive, unusual | Collins English Thesaurus PULLING A HORSE--To prevent a horse from winning a race.

BAT--Tool used in "Two-up." BANTAM--A hot-tempered person. STAND IN--To make one of a party. and occasionally as an adjective, e.g "He supports a bumper football team."

LEATHER JACKET--A small, tough-skinned fish. Australia possesses many species. LOSE YER BLOCK--To get annoyed. TOGS--Clothes. 'EADING--Playing "two-up." WHIP THE CAT--To regret. SHOOK ON--To be friendly. Last 300 years. C. DUNNO--Do not know.

WATERWORKS, TO TURN ON THE--To cry. Most Common Teenage Slang Words [Updated for 2020]. EMU--A large non-flying ground bird. SOCK IT IN--To administer severe punishment. FLAT FEET--Policemen. GOANNA--A large lizard, varying in size and colour. HASH--A common food. Read our series of blogs to find out more. BLACKFELLOW--Aboriginal. O. BUCK UP--To gain courage. GIBBER-GUNYAH--Aboriginal home in cave. QUEER THE PITCH--To frustrate; to upset arrangements. CLINER--A young girl. GRUB--Food. BUZZ-OFF--To go away.        in Australia MICKY--An unbranded, uncastrated calf approximating a year in age.

        not always, tapering from a peak at the top to a bell-shape at the If you've got something to add to the dictionary, give us a yell.           bird and beast. ALL MY EYE--Expression of incredulity. SWAP--Exchange. JOHN--A policeman.

JACKY WINTER--Vernacular name of the Brown Fly-Catcher Bird. MILL--A strenuous fight. SHOT--To be drunk. ANCHORWING--Species of falcon. ALLEY, TO TOSS IN THE--To give in. Look up Aussie slang phrases and words you'll only hear in Australia in our Aussie Slang Dictionary. LEG PULLING--To deceive; make-believe. View usage for:

MIZZLE--To leave hurriedly. PICK UP, TO--To join anyone.

S. PORT JACKSON SHARK--Shark abounding around N.S.W. KOOKABURRA--(See LAUGHING JACKASS). BLIM' MY--Exclamation. FAG--A cigarette. LOCUST--Erroneous name for Cicada. ZACK--Sixpence. SHOUT--To buy a drink.

BACK UP--To bet higher. WADDY--Aboriginal war implement. JACKAROO--A young man learning station work. LINGO--Language.

'Collop' and 'kenspeckle' are among the most frequently looked-up words in August. GO HIM--To want to fight. APPLE-SCENTED GUM--Species of eucalyptus. LIGHT HORSE--Australian Cavalry. EUCALYPTUS--The gum tree. EAGLEHAWK--Australian species of Uroaetus, a large bird. VASELINE--Butter. ABORIGINAL--An original inhabitant of any land; an Australian black. UP TO US--Our duty. CUT IT OUT--To dispense with. The Bustard lives in the scrub, the Wild Turkey on the plains. MOPOKE--Aboriginal name for bird with weird metallic call. JINKER--Contrivance for carrying wood in bush. MAGSMAN--A talkative person; a deceiver. PLATYPUS--Remarkable indigenous animal forming a link between TACKLE--To fight. LIZARD--Australian reptile. ABSENTEE — Euphemistic term for convict. MOKE--A poor horse. middle of Australia. ELEPHANT'S BACK, ON THE--Getting the best. TASMANIAN TIGER--Native wolf. COOT--A contemptible person. FLY--Wide awake; smart. PLAIN TURKEY--(See WILD TURKEY). POKE--A collar. EATS--Food. WELL IN--Affluent; wealthy         above and below the ground and in trees. QUEEN--Effeminate person.                   upper parts dull brown and the under parts dirty white.             very heavy body and exceptionally long neck.              vigorously leaping, from place to place at the same time. BABBLING BROOK--A cook. BAG OF FRUIT--A suit. If you've got something to add to the dictionary, give us a yell. CURLEW--Bush bird, with depressing note, of the snipe family, but SHICER--Unproductive mine; a trickster. Word now disappeared. MOB--Group of larrikins; flock of sheep. SMOOGE--To cringe; to fawn. MAHOGANY--Name applied to various hardwood trees. PATRIOT--Cynical term for convict. ALL TO SMASH--To be ruined. ASH--Name applied to Australian woods. GROGGY--Reeling; dazed. NECK, TO GET IT IN THE--To receive a reverse; punishment. ANTE UP--A surrender. GUYVER--Pretence. PIG'S EAR--Beer. OUT-RUN--Distant part of a sheep station. In the state of Iowa, it's been a bumper year for corn.

ANT-ORCHIS--An Australian orchid. PLUNGE--A big bet. GLASSY EYE--A cold stare. Most native English speakers … FLABBERGAST--To astonish. BUSHRANGER--Robber who ranges the bush. GET, TO DO A--A hurried departure. BEAK--A magistrate. DODGER--Bread. SWELL--Showy person.          mixed with whitish hair. WISE, TO GET--Aware of. LOUD--Ostentatious. EDGE--To withdraw. PODGY--Stout. SQUIB--A coward. GOOLEY--A stone. SCHOOL--Gathering of gamblers. LIP--Impudence. See also Whoop Whoop Back to front : Inside out, Backwards, wrong way LIMIT--Extreme. Copyright © 2016 by HarperCollins Publishers. OILED--Intoxicated. BORONIA--Genus of fragrant plant. INKED--To be drunk. A.W.L.--Absent without leave. IMSHEE--To go away.

ACACIA--Kind of scrub. BLUES--Out of sorts. SPRUIKER--A speaker. TURTLE--A shell-back reptile of Chelonia order. DINGBATS--To be annoyed; D.T.'s. BIFF--To strike hard. DOER--Humorist. TWIST AND TWIRL--A girl. BARCOO-GRASS--Pasture grass; common in Queensland. MONIKER--Sobriquet. MUSSELS--Freshwater oysters.

BLOODY--An expletive; distasteful. IT, TO BE--To be in authority. BLUFF--Bumptious. Look up Aussie slang phrases and words you'll only hear in Australia in our Aussie Slang Dictionary. GUFF--Foolish talk. MAD MICK--A pick.
KNOB--Leader. HOP OFF--To run away. TRAWLER--Police patrol van. DARLING PEA--Australian plant found in the west of N.S.W. SLAP-UP--Good. PERISH, DOING A--To shiver; to be cold. RED GUM--Variety of Eucalyptus. GOAT--A fool. Last 100 years MONKEY--To play with anything; to prank; £ 50. ABSENTEE--Euphemistic term for convict. LIGHTS--The eyes. GUFFED--Deceived. Synonyms: exceptional, excellent, exo [Australian, slang], massive More Synonyms of bumper BELL-BIRD--So-called from resemblance of its notes to tinkle of bell. SCRUB--Country overgrown with thick bushes. FLAME--A sweetheart. CORNSTALK--Young Australian. CAT, TO WHIP THE--To regret.

TAKE A TUMBLE--To be aware of. The fur is chiefly greyish BUSTARD--In colour and in shape of head distinct from the Wild BOTT--Person who borrows. CEDAR--A valuable species of timber. KICK the BUCKET--To die. DRUM--A brothel. FLASH--Showy; smart.
This one is easy to learn and even easier to pronounce. BUNNIES--Rabbits. FLATHEAD--Australian name for species of salt-water fish.              and very long wings and legs. MAG--To talk; scold. BUMMER--A cadger. Learn the 30 coolest Australian slang words here, and you'll sound like an authentic Aussie. DUGONG--Genus of marine mammals inhabiting North Australian Coast. Somebody who is totally uncomprehending and unaware of basic requirements in a range of social contexts. GEEBUNG--Aboriginal name for small native plum.           legs, and a long, thick tail. GIZZARD--The heart.

GREY NURSE SHARK--Type of Australian shark. KURRAJONG--Aboriginal name for various-plants. GAME, IN THE--To be one of the affluent.

MUG, TO--To fondle affectionately. ACACIA — Kind of scrub. DEMONS--Detectives.

ZIFF--beard. F. FLOATING 'EM--A "two-up" term.           life and customs. CHIVVY--The face. TATS--Teeth. Thank you for subscribing. BACK-BLOCKS--The Far West.                 his feet in place of socks. LUBRA--An adult female Australian aboriginal. BARGER--An uninvited guest. LAND THE MUSTARD--To win money. It has a wolf-like face, bushy FED UP--Disgusted. NEDDY--A horse. YABBY--A small burrowing crawfish, found in most creeks and water-holes SYDNEY OR THE BUSH--All or nothing. Y. Think you know it all?

         fan-shaped tail, which it habitually jerks about. FOWL--Old woman; obnoxious women. MUSH--Sentiment. SPAR, TO--To delay. RUN FOR THE MONEY--To be treated fairly. SHOE-LEATHER--Boots. SLATS--The ribs. RINGBARK--To cut bark around the trunk so as to kill it. MEET--An appointment.

SAVVY--Pidgin English meaning "do you understand?" BLOKE--An adult male. FIVES--The fists. HOLDIN'--Possessing money. SUDS SHOP--Hotel. COCKATOO--A white parrot with a handsome crest of orange or yellow tinge. CORKER--Proficient person. Learn how your comment data is processed. GUY, TO DO A--To retreat. RAG--A newspaper.

SHEILA--A young lady.              expressive face (see KOALA). To fall away. DAGO--An Italian. K.O.--Knock-out blow. DIVVY--A portion. KNOCKED-OUT DROPS--Drugged drink. LONG-SLEEVER--An elongated glass. BLINKER--A black eye. From moonshoot to balconing: discover the latest words added to the Collins Dictionary. JIMMY--An immigrant. LAUGHING JACKASS--A Kingfisher about the size of a crow and having the Grab a cuppa and a choccy biccy—it's time to learn why the best English slang on earth comes from down under! E. SOUTHERN CROSS--A constellation used as symbol of Australia. SET AGAINST--To dislike a person. REDHEAD--N.S.W.            courtship arranged in the form of a lyre. BROLGA--A bluish-grey bird of the crane specie, with very long legs.            carrying young. JANE--A woman. GREEN--Inexperienced person. BREAD AND JAM--Tram. BEANS--Money. WATTLE--Species of Acacia. GIVE IT A GO--To make an attempt. NATTY--Neat. WILLY-WILLY--Aboriginal name for whirlwind. HITCHED--To be married. DAG--A funny fellow.              used to drink out of. 'LOO--Woolloomooloo, suburb of Sydney. Please try again later. POT, OLD--Father, elderly person. SHOVEL-NOSE--Species of shark. MARK, A GOOD--Easy to impose upon. CHUCK--To throw. ALL TO PIECES--Decadence. ASTHMA HERB--A Queensland plant. DIZZY LIMIT--The utmost degree PAT, ON ONE'S--Acting alone.

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