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[HOW TO] use onX maps basics:101


This video is a how to use onx maps for hunting mini tutorial. It follows along as we show how we get to where we do to discover good areas for elk hunting, setting up

[HOW TO] use onX maps basics:1012018-12-19T01:35:18+00:00

Archery Shooting/Practice Tips


This video follows the DIY Hunter team Preston, Jack, and Cameran as they each share 1 common tip they enjoy doing for archery practice to stay refined all summer long! Archery can be a very

Archery Shooting/Practice Tips2018-12-19T01:34:44+00:00

Turkey Hunting: Ohio and PA close calls


This video follows the DIY team around turkey hunting and showing some close calls, some mishaps with other hunters and with nature, and how smart these turkey can be sometimes. They are very aware of

Turkey Hunting: Ohio and PA close calls2018-12-19T01:34:09+00:00

Turkey Hunting: Ohio turkey hunting headaches


This video follows along as the DIY team members Preston and Cam shift and move and cover tons of turf chasing turkey across a large amount of property. They setup roughly 8 times in 3

Turkey Hunting: Ohio turkey hunting headaches2018-12-19T01:33:33+00:00

PA and MD success!


This video follows the DIY Hunter team in MD and PA following Jack hunting solo and Preston taking their good friend Tony out to try and get his first bird ever. Both hunts were fun

PA and MD success!2018-12-19T01:33:03+00:00

Turkey Hunting: DE and OH same day success!


This video is following along for some end of April action in Delaware and Ohio happening on the same day, around the same time frames. Had a lot of action and some of it was

Turkey Hunting: DE and OH same day success!2018-12-19T01:32:29+00:00

[HOW TO] Mount a turkey fan tail DIY


This video follows preston creating a DIY, do it yourself turkey fan mount for that trophy you took out in the field and want to create a lasting memory. This will show the step by

[HOW TO] Mount a turkey fan tail DIY2018-12-19T01:31:51+00:00

[HOW TO] Easily Breast out a Wild Turkey


This is a DIY video of Preston showing how to quickly field dress a wild turkey. It will show you how to quickly and easily remove a wild turkey breast whether at home or in

[HOW TO] Easily Breast out a Wild Turkey2018-12-19T01:31:09+00:00

Spring Deer Management Prep[Private Land]


This video is following DIY team member Cameran on some of his spring deer management preparation around one of his local farms in Ohio. He shows some of the things he is doing to ensure

Spring Deer Management Prep[Private Land]2018-12-19T01:29:38+00:00